App : ACCU WEATHER V2 makes it possible for you to access the most accurate and current weather information available all at just the reach of your fingertips on your BlackBerry
With the new ACCU WEATHERapplication for BlackBerry, your location is pinpointed from anywhere in the world using the latest in GPS technology (on supported devices). From there, you have the most detailed, reliable, and up-to-date weather news and information that you need to plan your life. Weather impacts every person. From planning day-to-day activities to making future business or personal plans, you need fast, easy access to weather information from a weather source that you can rely on.

The ACCU WEATHER application includes: Local forecasts for all global locations. Updated every hour, forecasts include twelve hours of accurate, localized forecasts along with twelve days of detailed, day-by-day, weather forecasts and information.
Warnings for severe weather threats, such as snow and ice, rain and thunderstorms, high winds, and tornadoes.
Multiple weather views including radar, satellite, videos, and maps.
Special weather information for travelers, including a trip planner, hotel finder, and airport travel delay notices.
Special lifestyle weather and health forecasts, such as conditions for specific outdoor activities and sports, including lawn mowing, dog walking, and golfing, and health-related weather forecasts, such as UV forecasts and weather conditions for people suffering from allergies. A customizable, continually updated Snapshot View that gives you access to a range of features in one easy-to access display screen, including current conditions and weather warnings for up to 20 of your saved locations. Colorful and easy-to-use interface for a simple and intuitive navigation.

Download the ACCU WEATHER application today at no cost to you and start accessing the most accurate and current weather information available from anywhere at any time on your BlackBerry

Supported Device :
BlackBerry 8530
BlackBerry 8900
BlackBerry 9300
BlackBerry 9630
BlackBerry 9700
BlackBerry 9780

Download :
[download link is broken, we are processing the new link]


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