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Tips : How to Activate shortcuts on your Blackberry

Become a pro with your BlackBerry® smartphone by using tips and tricks to quickly go or open some apps. Here are the steps to activate your Blackberry shortcuts :

1. Press “✆” button (green dial button)
2. Press “Menu”
3. Select “Option”, and then go to “General Option”
4. Set the “Dial From Home screen” to “NO”
5. Save

Those shortcuts are :
A » Address Book
B » Browser
C » Direct call from Address Book
D » Memo Pad
F » Profile
G » Google Talk
H » Help Menu
I » AOL Instant Messenger
L » Calendar
M » Messages
N » bbm
O » Option
P » Phone
R » Alarm
S » Search Menu
T » Task
U » Calculator
V » Saved Messages
X » Windows Live Messenger
Y » Yahoo Messenger

Trick + App : How to BBM via Computer (for FREE)

This post not only telling you how to use BBM via computer, but also telling you how to use you Blackberry via Computer (SMS, Browser, etc)

All you need is :
1. install Impatica viaDock for your Computer and Blackberry
2. USB/ Data Cable

Download for Computer (Windows and Mac OS x)

Impatica viaDock v1.1.5 (for Windows)

Impatica viaDock v1.1.5a (for Mac OS X)

Serial Number :

Name : User-090925-W11
Organisaztion : GL8

2. After installing the software on Computer, you will need to install Impatica Connector on your Blackberry.
Download (from your Blackberry Bworser):

3. Connect your Blackberry to Computer (USB/ Data Cable), and wait until they are connected.

4. Open Impatica Connector On Blackberry, and choose USB CONNECTION to start projecting your Blackberry onto Computer.

5. Open Impatica viaDock software On Computer

There you go, go on exploring it by yourself 🙂

Tip : How to Fixed the squares Special Characters

Some Special Characters do not show on your device, it is caused by a little error while upgrading or reloading your OS, you forget to tick the language boxes. it can be fixed simple by installing those font language to your device.

Note :

Font OTA link for OS 4 supports OS 5, but there will be some Characters still un-show.
Font OTA link for OS 5 supports OS 6 as well (already tested on 9800)

Download :

Font Support (READ) For BlackBerry OS 4 Devices

Arabic Character

Chinese Simplified Character

Chinese Traditional Character

Japanese Character

Korean Character

Thai Character

Font All In One Multi Language

Font Support (READ) For BlackBerry OS 5 Devices

Font Arabic

Font Japanese

Font Thai

Font All In One Multi Language

Font Emoji

Font Global

Tip and Trick : How to Track Your Stolen Blackberry?

Do you want to know how to track your stolen Blackberry or maybe you forget where you put it while your blackberry on silent mode (it’s kinda annoying)? now there’s a way to track your blackberry, so your will be able to track where your blackberry is.

First, you will need an application that is called Blackberry Protect (FREE) installed on your device. And if you have registered or have an account on Blackberry App World, you do not have to register again, you can simply use your Blackberry App World account.


Download :


1. To track your stolen Blackberry

– From your PC, go to and Click “Log In”

– Use your Blackberry App World account or register, then log in

– “View Current Location” to track where your blackberry is

– “Loud Ring” : to make your Blackbery ring so loud, event if it is on silent mode. so you can easily find your blackberry in case you forget where you put it. [you can also use this to annoy your blackberry thief in the middle of the night :P]

– “Display Message” : to send Message to your device.

– You can also Lock and Wipe your device.

Trick : How to use your Blackberry as Internet Modem

Did you know that your BlackBerry can be used just like an external modem for a laptop or computer, so that a laptop (or computer) can have full Internet access? Connecting your Blackberry to your laptop or computer as modem is called “Tethering”

Here we will show you the step.

What you need :
1. a Blackberry with internet services (check to your provider to make sure if they charge you more for tethering)
2. USB / Data Cable
3. Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on your computer or laptop (version 5 or higher)

The steps is pretty simple :
1. Connect your blackberry to computer or laptop (USB/Data cable) and wait until Blackberry Desktop Manager detects your device, and Click on “Internet Cellular”

2. Choose your Provider (in this case, my provider is “Indosat”), then OK

3.The notification box will show up (and tell you to call your provider to make sure whether they will charge you more for tethering or not)
if you are ready, click “Connect”

4. Voila! you have succeed tethering your blackberry to your Computer or laptop 🙂

Tip : How to Block SMS built in Application (For CrunchSMS using)

To prevent double messages (in SMS built in Application and Crunch SMS), you will want to block the incoming SMS to enter to Built it SMS application.

Just simply go to Option – Security Option – Firewall – Check the SMS box to block the incoming SMS in Built-in SMS Application

Note : Make sure you already have the other SMS Application (e.g CrunchSMS) installed on your device, otherwise you will not be able to open the incoming SMS

Trick : How to close Blackberry Messenger (BBM) [not running in background]

Blackberry Messenger is Built in Application on BBM. We can not sign it out or fully exit from BBM.

There is one way to  close or exit BBM and other applications that actually do not need to be ran everytime (or can not precisely). by closing them, you can have your battery last longer and more space on memory, also makes your Blackberry works faster.

Just simply download Force Close (Size :61.3Kb). however, there are some applications that force close can not close such as Homescreen, Browser,Telephone.


Note : Due to API limitations and security reason, some third-party programs can’t be force-closed by this app. However, this app provides a convenient way to delete a stubborn program that doesn’t provide an elegant way to exit.



Trick : Read BBM without changing “R” (Read) status

As we all know, there are D (delivered) and R (read) status on BBM which mean :

D (delivered) : Messages sent.

R (read) : Mesages read

We will tell you how to read BBM messages without changing the D status to R. Here is the tutorial and image screenshot

1. Go to BBM option and turn on “SAVE CHAT HISTORY” (device or media card is up to you, but we suggested Media Card for more space on Device memory)


2. Move the cursor to the new message that you want to read without changing the D status (do not open)



3. Press “Menu” (BB Icon) and choose VIEW CHAT HISTORY


4. Choose the date when the message was received

5. There you are! Reading your received messages from History without changing D status on sender’s screen


Tip : Disable Autotext Blackberry SMS

Autotext or “Word Substitution” on Blackberry is very popular. but Autotext is not compatible with SMS Application that does not supports Blackberry special characters. When you send Autotext with Blackberry Special Character via SMS to other phone, they will not be able to read the characters.

There are so many questions about how to disable Autotext in Blackberry SMS. Here are the steps bellow (and image screenshot)


How to disable Autotext in Blackberry SMS :

1. Open Blackberry SMS application

2. Press “Menu” and choose “Option”

3. Scroll down to the “Disable Autotext” setting

4. Check or Tick the “Disable Autotext” box to turn off Autotext in Blackberry SMS application


Tips: How to start a BlackBerry smartphone in safe mode

When starting the BlackBerry smartphone, safe mode can be used to prevent third-party applications from running automatically. Safe mode is designed to allow troubleshooting or remove any unwanted applications.
To turn on safe mode, complete the following steps:
-Remove and reinsert the BlackBerry smartphone battery.
-When the red light-emitting diode (LED) light goes out, press and hold the Escape key as the BlackBerry smartphone is loading.
-When the dialog box appears, click OK.

Note: Safe mode is indicated by a safe mode indicator in the BlackBerry smartphone status section of the Home screen.
To turn off safe mode, remove and reinsert the BlackBerry smartphone battery.