Theme : It’s rocking All Rock on theme ( ALL type BB )

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8520 / 9300


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App : Home Screen Notes v1.9.5

preview19 225x300 App : Home Screen Notes v1.9.5

With Home Screen Notes, you can create a note or reminder and post it directly to your home screen. Have a grocery list? Need to remember to pick up a shirt from the dry cleaners? No problem. Just create a note and post it to your home screen. It’s fast, simple, and there’s none of the clutter caused by paper notes. The best feature of all is that you can schedule notes to be posted and cleared in advance so that everything is more streamlined.

*Note* Home Screen Notes requires that you go into the settings (within this app) and choose a desired wall paper before creating a note or reminder and is not compatible with wallpaper rotation apps, BeWeather wallpaper option, or most themes that do not let you set a wallpaper. “Locked” or “Copy Protected” wallpaper sample images may prevent app from posting notes. If this is the case, please choose another image.

– Create a note and have it clear automatically at a certain date or time
– Set up a note to have it start and end at a later time or date
– Start a note and finish it later
– Edit a note that has already been posted
– Font size automatically adjusts to amount of text entered ensuring best possible viewing size
– Customize the note and font colors
– Choose from many different font selections
– Ability to turn transparency on and off for the posted note
– Ability to toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour clock
– Create a new note or clear a posted note from almost anywhere through the menu shortcut option
– Back up settings and scheduled notes to SD/Media card
– Built in help screen

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App : Passcode Lock Pro – 2 in 1 – Slide to Unlock + Passcode

preview1 225x300 App : Passcode Lock Pro   2 in 1   slide to unlock + passcode

Protect your BlackBerry® with style: slide and passcode. This is the perfect combination, just slide and type your password – beautiful, simple and secure. Give your BlackBerry® a different look!

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App : Alarm Pro – Multi-Alarms for BlackBerry by Vikysoft

preview5 225x300 App : Alarm Pro   Multi Alarms for BlackBerry by Vikysoft

Alarm Pro is an efficient multi-alarms application for your BlackBerry®.

Alarm Pro – Multi-Alarms for BlackBerry by Vikysoft is the most visually stunning, fully-featured, and powerful multi-alarm application available for the BlackBerry today. Set alarms on your BlackBerry, any time, all the time, with confidence

Features :

1. Create new alarm with one touch
2. Create alarms as many as you want
3. Take a quick note as well as write a full shopping list, no limit
4. View your alarms list on the well organized main screen
5. View your next alarm on your device Home screen
6. Enter Quiet Mode (on menu) in conference, theater
7. Custom ringtone, volume, vibration, snooze and 12/24 time format

Icon Color
– Black, No alarm now
– Blue, some alarms is on now
– Orange, in Quiet Mode now

Short-cut Function

– To create a new alarm. Touch the “N” key(Touch New alarm)
– To modify a alarm,you can click the “Enter” key.
– To delete an alarm, click the “DEL”(Delete on Menu).
– Set alarm status ON/OFF, click the “Space” key.

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App : Toast Message

Photobucketpreview2 App : Toast Message v2.4.1   Pop Up Message

Toast Message is an application that pops up all messages on the surface of the device screen.

With Toast Message, all the incoming EMAIL, Text Message (SMS), or PIN messages will directly pop-up and appears on your screen by showing sender name, subject title, and full content of message.
1. Pop up all Text Message (SMS), Email, and PIN Messages on the device screen.
2. Display messages that show sender name, subject title, and full content of message, or only show the sender name.
3. Provide different amazing & pretty themes to customize based on your style pop up window.
4. Size and color of font customization is available.
5. Turn on the Backlight of the device automatically when receive incoming SMS.
6. Time control is available to set the display time of the pop up message.
7. Easy installation.
8. No additional hardware needed.
9. Low memory and battery consumption.

* For BlackBerry Storm1 and BlackBerry Storm2, please follow the below instructions to disable the compatibility mode to ensure the application displays properly.
1. Go to “Options”
2. Go to “Advanced Options”
3. Go to “Applications”
4. Select the “Toast Message”
5. Press the menu button on your device
6. Click on “Disable Compatibility Mode”
7. Restart your device

Supported Models:
All device with OS 5 or higher

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App: TalkBox for BlackBerry


There’s good news for BlackBerry users as the voice messaging App TalkBox is now launched for public use.

TalkBox is a cross-platform messenger app that allows users to send messages via voice rather than the usual texting. This move would definitely give operators another headache as TalkBox offers another voice communication option without actually calling the person through operator’s normal channel.

The Blackberry version is available with built-in push notification. This makes chatting with TalkBox as convenient as it is with the other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Bubbly, and of course Blackberry Messenger itself. You can also have up to nine people talking simultaneously using its group chat feature.


Cross-platform messenger, including iPhone / Android / Windows Phone.

Build-in push notification, support build-in Sound and Alert Profile, trackpad and keyboard

Support various connection type, including BIS, MDS, WIFI, WAP2, TCP

Support both custom push notification service and BIS push service.

Supporting languages: English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese.

Hot-keys for easy and convenient use: To Top(T), To Bottom(B), Scroll Down(X), Scroll Up(E), Change Page( P), Refresh(R ), Search(S), Reconnect(Z), Quit(Q)

Group chat up to 9 people

Compatible with Twitter and Facebook

Supported Models:
All Devices with OS 5 and higher

Download Link:

Theme : HelloKitty Cute Faces

preview38 Theme : HelloKitty Cute Faces

Blackberry Supported :
85xx / 9300 / 8900 / 96xx / 9700 – OS5

85xx / 9300

8900 / 96xx / 9700