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App : Blackbook v4.0.109

it’s so discreet, there’s no icon to launch it. Simply type your custom launch-key on the keypad and your ‘BlackBook’ appears.

So what’s new in BlackBook v4.0.0.109?

– Multiple Email Addresses
– Revamped Menu Interface
– HTML Email Supported
– User Pics in Contact List
– Various speed enhancements

Other Features:
– Enhanced SMS Filtering
– Threaded SMS
– Revamped GUI
– Backup / Restore Contacts
– Real-time Contact Searching
– Contact Photos
– Hot Key / Shortcuts
– Completely Hidden Contact List
– Custom Filtering For Calls, SMS, PIN, Email
– Extended SMS (1400 Characters)
– Fake Caller-Id Names
– Auto Closes
– Vibration Alerts
– Custom Message Pop-Up Alerts
– Outbound Email Attachments
– Import / Export Contacts

** HOW TO RUN **
BlackBook does NOT have an ICON. To launch it for the first time you must press the RED – END CALL BUTTON five (5) times in-a-row. (Your Launch Key is customizable in the OPTIONS)

you can try on OS 5

Download :

App : BatteryWatch v1.9.2

Get a quick overview on your BlackBerry® device s battery state.

– Tracks battery status over time – Line chart visualization of battery state by day, week, month.
– Integration into native BlackBerry® applications – Battery level indicator icon and battery state (full charged, charging, unplugged).
– Running out of battery warnings – Adjustable warning level and notifications.

Battery Info Shown:
– Battery Level
– Battery Removable
– Battery Status
– Battery Temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit visualization support)
– Battery Voltage
– Device Name
– Device PIN

Download :


BB App World

App : Lock Blackberry Messenger

Lock BBM is by far the best app available for BlackBerry® to ensure your complete PRIVACY and SECURITY.
Lock BBM allows you to password protect your BlackBerry Messenger from unauthorized access and have a complete control over your BBM while leaving the device open for normal use like Phone, Internet, Games and Apps.

Please read the NOTE below before installation.

* For the first time, a BBM lock that prevents entry into BBM from Message Application (for group chat)
* Neat and simple UI
* Quickly switch between Lock and Unlock mode.
* Lock BBM on Application switcher
* Now works for BBM Group chat
* No problem of battery drainage!


1. The app requires to enter password after installation. Please go to your downloads folder and click on the
app icon. Then enter any password of your choice of minimum 4 characters.

2. Access to BlackBerry Messenger® Individual Chat via Chat Notification in Message Application can not be
locked. PLEASE uncheck this feature under: BlackBerry® Messenger- BB Menu- Options- Miscellaneous-
Show Chat in Message Application: UNCHECK

Download :

Via BB App World


AccuWeather.com makes it possible for you to access the most accurate and current weather information available all at just the reach of your fingertips on your BlackBerry
With the new ACCU WEATHERapplication for BlackBerry, your location is pinpointed from anywhere in the world using the latest in GPS technology (on supported devices). From there, you have the most detailed, reliable, and up-to-date weather news and information that you need to plan your life. Weather impacts every person. From planning day-to-day activities to making future business or personal plans, you need fast, easy access to weather information from a weather source that you can rely on.

The ACCU WEATHER application includes: Local forecasts for all global locations. Updated every hour, forecasts include twelve hours of accurate, localized forecasts along with twelve days of detailed, day-by-day, weather forecasts and information.
Warnings for severe weather threats, such as snow and ice, rain and thunderstorms, high winds, and tornadoes.
Multiple weather views including radar, satellite, videos, and maps.
Special weather information for travelers, including a trip planner, hotel finder, and airport travel delay notices.
Special lifestyle weather and health forecasts, such as conditions for specific outdoor activities and sports, including lawn mowing, dog walking, and golfing, and health-related weather forecasts, such as UV forecasts and weather conditions for people suffering from allergies. A customizable, continually updated Snapshot View that gives you access to a range of features in one easy-to access display screen, including current conditions and weather warnings for up to 20 of your saved locations. Colorful and easy-to-use interface for a simple and intuitive navigation.

Download the ACCU WEATHER application today at no cost to you and start accessing the most accurate and current weather information available from anywhere at any time on your BlackBerry

Supported Device :
BlackBerry 8530
BlackBerry 8900
BlackBerry 9300
BlackBerry 9630
BlackBerry 9700
BlackBerry 9780

Download :
[download link is broken, we are processing the new link]


App : The Wheel Lock Updated to v1.15 for FREE

Have you ever experienced that someone was talking to you over the phone as you didn’t even touch your BB in your pocket? The Wheel Lock is an automatic lock application working when the backlight goes off in order to
prevent unwanted key presses. For your fun, it uses a wheel/pad to unlock the screen by matching with random 3 directions. Or if you want to unlock quickly, you can just press ‘Alt’ and ‘Call’.

Download :

App : 4Shared for BlackBerry v1.1.10

With 4shared mobile for Blackberry you get instant access to your data at 4shared account. You can manage your data and make any files mobile anytime and from anywhere.
-Access 30,000,000+ files
-Manage your web account
-Listen to music, watch video on your phone
-Very simple in usage
-It’s free

Download :

App : Charged With Pictures v1.0

Charged With Pictures cycles through your stored pics while you charge your BlackBerry, turning your Blackberry into an electronic photo album.
How to use :
1. Click the Charged With Pictures icon to open the app and to access the set up screen;
2. Click the “Manage Photo Files” then click the “Add File” button to select the photos you want in your slide show;
3. Highlight any of your photos in the list and click your Blackberry Menu button and select “Add Photo To Album”. Repeat this process to select all the photos you want in your slide show;
4. Press the Back/Escape key on your BlackBerry to return to the set up screen and then to exit the app;
5. To remove any photo from your slide show, click on the “Manage Photo Files” then click on the photo you want to delete.
6. The next time you in plug your BlackBerry for charging, Charged With Pictures will automatically launch and display your slide show;
7. Press the Back/Escape key on your BlackBerry at any time to exit the slide show.

Download :

App : Molome Vintage Photo Editor Version: v2.0.7

Hipstamatic for Blackberry? Nope. Instagram for Blackberry then? Nope, not quiet. It’s called Molome — a photography app that allows users to apply vintage filters to their photos and share them online (twitter or facebook).

Note : For all BB users, if you face the problem unable-to-open application please try to remove the folder /home/user/molome/ using Files app.MOLO
Download :

8520, 9300

9500, 9530, 9550, 9800

8900, 9700, 9780

9350, 9360, 9370


9900, 9930

App : AutoTextBackup v1.2

AutoTextBackup v1.6 ChangeLog :
– fix autotext merge function
– support other input language
– new backup file format(on v1.6 can restore all backup file.
– other release cant restore backup file from v1.6)
– now can restore more than 2000 autotext
– adding website link on about screen. just click the autotextbackup logo
– removing auto check for update and adding check update on the menu
– fix network connection

Free Upgrade from v1.2 to v1.6
Support OS5 & OS6
Download :

Theme : Chryom

Download :


8900 / 96xx / 9700 – OS5