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Tips : How to Activate shortcuts on your Blackberry

Become a pro with your BlackBerry® smartphone by using tips and tricks to quickly go or open some apps. Here are the steps to activate your Blackberry shortcuts :

1. Press “✆” button (green dial button)
2. Press “Menu”
3. Select “Option”, and then go to “General Option”
4. Set the “Dial From Home screen” to “NO”
5. Save

Those shortcuts are :
A » Address Book
B » Browser
C » Direct call from Address Book
D » Memo Pad
F » Profile
G » Google Talk
H » Help Menu
I » AOL Instant Messenger
L » Calendar
M » Messages
N » bbm
O » Option
P » Phone
R » Alarm
S » Search Menu
T » Task
U » Calculator
V » Saved Messages
X » Windows Live Messenger
Y » Yahoo Messenger